Access strategic capital on OTC and Secondary markets

With offx, we are running end-to-end secondary and otc transactions to transform company assets into long-term value without market impact.

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Dedicated to your long-term value

Attract & hire the best

In today’s world, providing exit liquidity on shares & tokens is as important as granting the options itself and is a competitive advantage.

Align your cap-table & reduce overhead

We can help to align your cap-table by onboarding more institutional and strategic investors with less internal overhead.

Raise strategic capital to extend runway

You are in a special situation and want to access capital discretely without market impact? We can help.

Stay up to date

Track how your company performs on secondary markets and explore who’s a potential investor in your company


We offer liquidity solutions that best suit your company

Many to one

With offx for companies, we identify “the one” to exit a basket of company assets.

One to many

Looking for liquidity for large positions? We can find several buyers that fit your needs.

Block trade

You’re looking for a discrete exit of your positions to a single strategic buyer? We can help.


We offer liquidity solutions that best suit your company.

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You got the problems, we got the solutions

Sign-up or get in touch as a company today to explore how you can leverage otc/secondary markets as a liquidity instrument for your company.

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